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Pinned topic Remote drivers manifest file [net://global/tem/manifest/drivers-.ini] not found.

‏2013-08-06T21:04:17Z |

TPMfOSD Server: (Build 200.39)

IBM Endpoint Management Server:  9.0.649.0


Our IEM server and our TPMfOSD server used to be hosted on the same VM.  Recently we moved the TPMfOSD to it's own server and at the same time updated both the IEM server and TPMfOSD versions to the latest.

Since the TPMfOSD server was a re-install I figured it would be best to create the driver engines and capture images and drivers etc fresh.

I was able to create the WinPE3 and WinPE4 driver engines without issue and even capture a WIM image using the OS Deployment and Bare Metal Imaging dashboard in IBM Endoint Manager.   The new image and profile show in TPMfOSD as expexted and there is no error on the driver engines but everytime I try to PXE image a machine I get the following in the log file....


[2013/08/06 14:02:55] W <INF> Remote file copy completed.
[2013/08/06 14:02:59] W <INF> Creating full path [local://root/c$/Deploy/Operating Systems]
[2013/08/06 14:02:59] W <INF> Creating path [local://root/c$]
[2013/08/06 14:02:59] W <INF> Creating path [local://root/c$/Deploy]
[2013/08/06 14:02:59] W <INF> Creating path [local://root/c$/Deploy/Operating Systems]
[2013/08/06 14:03:05] W <WRN> An Exception occurred.
[2013/08/06 14:03:05] W <ERR> Error raised by NewPxeTEMFlowAction_DoIt in actions_builtin.rbc, line 2829 [:0]
[2013/08/06 14:03:05] W <ERR> No such file or directory (Remote drivers manifest file [net://global/tem/manifest/drivers-.ini] not found.)
[2013/08/06 14:03:05] W <WRN> (called from HostActivityElement_RunAction (hostactivity.rbc:1049))
[2013/08/06 14:03:05] W <WRN> (called from ActivityPlan_RunAction (activity_plan.rbc:64))
[2013/08/06 14:03:05] W <WRN> (called from run (sequencer.rbc:3710))
[2013/08/06 14:03:05] W <WRN> (called from RAD_CheckForActivity (load.rbc:12396))
[2013/08/06 14:03:05] W <WRN> (called from AgentDispatch (rbagent.rbc:4066))
[2013/08/06 14:03:05] W <WRN> (called from --toplevel-- (rbagent.rbc:4297))
[2013/08/06 14:03:05] W <ERR> Task raised an exception
[2013/08/06 14:03:05] W <ERR> No such file or directory [:0] in file actions_builtin.rbc, line 2829
[2013/08/06 14:03:05] W <ERR> Remote drivers manifest file [net://global/tem/manifest/drivers-.ini] not found.
[2013/08/06 14:03:05] W <WRN> called from HostActivityElement_RunAction (hostactivity.rbc:1049)
[2013/08/06 14:03:05] W <WRN> called from ActivityPlan_RunAction (activity_plan.rbc:64)
[2013/08/06 14:03:05] W <WRN> called from run (sequencer.rbc:3710)
[2013/08/06 14:03:05] W <WRN> called from RAD_CheckForActivity (load.rbc:12396)
[2013/08/06 14:03:05] W <WRN> called from AgentDispatch (rbagent.rbc:4066)
[2013/08/06 14:03:05] W <WRN> called from --toplevel-- (rbagent.rbc:4297)
[2013/08/06 14:03:08] W <ERR> Action Preparing deployment binaries failed.



Why is it looking for global/tem/manifest/drivers-.ini?  It should be using driver-W7X64.ini should it not?


Also, if I look specifically at the new profiles details with specific driver bindings turned on I get this message....


 "There is no driver prediction available for this system profile its drivers are not indexed in the TPMfOSd database, restarting the server might fix the problem."


... still doesn't function on suto driver binding.... I have restarted the server several times but it doesn't seem to know what to use?


I haven't found anything similar on the forums but I would like some help if anyone has seen this before.