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Pinned topic Handling HTTP Response as PDF in IIB

‏2016-11-18T09:41:21Z |

Hi Experts,


I have a requirement like need call one of the webservice in middle of the flow and getting response as PDF format. I need send this response into WMQ.

Please help me how to handle PDF file in ESQL to place PDF data into WMQ.


Thanks in advance. 





  • SupriyoDebnath
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    Re: Handling HTTP Response as PDF in IIB


    Hi Anil,

           What do you mean by "getting response as PDF format"? No 

    If it is a SOAP based web service, then I assume you are getting a PDF file as a SOAP attachment. In that case, you should use JAVA Compute to extract data from PDF file and thereby put to queue. The iText Java API might be useful for you in this case.

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  • San85
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    Re: Handling HTTP Response as PDF in IIB


    I have a similar requirement, can we handle in IIB?

    Q: i have demand need to consume REST GET web service call, where response will be PDF file attachment..!!
      We got an ENDPOINT URL with query parameters and placed URL in the browser and got pop-up for username and password and provided return i got PDF file downloaded.

    How do we achieve this in IIB?? Any solutions? 

    Thanks in advance



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