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Hi, I'm having a strange issue with a bunch of 43W9720 disks, they are 750GB Sata drives, and i'm putting them into an EXP810 attached to a DS storage system.  We had gotten about 75 of these in on a large hardware buy, and tested them in a DS4200.  We destroyed their data, updated their firmware, and ran a subsystem reset command (set storageSubsystem resetConfiguration=true;) on the unit afterwards.  The trouble is, these disks are now unrecognized in my DS4300, and one of our customers in Japan is having issues getting them to show up in his DS4200 unit. 


How can they work perfectly on one system and not on another, even after clearing all the data and configurations on them?


If someone can provide a fairly thorough explanation of what data is kept on the disks even after a subsystem reset, that would be very helpful. 

As a side note, after running the subsystem reset on my DS4300 with the "unrecognized" disks, they show up just fine afterwards.  I'm worried that now they may not work in a different DS system.

For obvious reasons, it's not possible to have our customers re-certify the disks on their site.  That script destroys all configurations.

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    Re: DS disks not recognized

    ‏2013-06-11T01:26:43Z  in response to mtexter

    Check for basic's.


    1. Is this model disk supported in the Storage array ?? (at what firmware level) 

    2. Firmware version? is it old and not supporting the larger disks?

    3. Licensing? is there a licensing issue?




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      Re: DS disks not recognized

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      All the disks in question have been updated to the latest revisions available, and they do show up and work just fine after plugging them into a new enclosure and running a subsystem reset. It's just annoying that they won't show up without doing that.

      my DS4300 is at 6.60.34

      I'm not able to find a list of supported disks for a DS4300, or at least not an official looking one from IBM.   

      As far as i know, there isn't a licensing issue other than FC/SATA intermixing, but that won't prevent you from seeing disks, just creating configurations.

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