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Pinned topic Restart Embedded Web Application Server for Content Analytics Miner

‏2013-11-20T06:33:06Z | analytics content ibm


I am new to IBM Content Analytics Development. I need some guidance regarding the Custom Plug-in for Content Analytics Miner in 3.0.

I have created the plugin folder (C:\Program Files\IBM\es\esadmin\master_config\searchapp\analytics\plugin), and copied all the files from analyticsViewPlugin folder and modified the plugins.xml. (With the guidance at

Am able to see the custom plug-in's in the Miner now.

But, for this I have restarted the whole ICA as I was unable to restart the Embedded Web Application Server (is the one my ICA is using).

How can I restart my Miner alone, without restarting the total ICA as it consumes lot of time to restart the total ICA.

I tried to follow the below process explained in the above link :

              If you use the embedded web application server, enter the following commands, where node_ID identifies the search server:

          esadmin searchapp.node_ID stop
          esadmin searchapp.node_ID start

Here I didn't understand the instruction "where node_ID identifies the search server". I tried @ "C:\Program Files\IBM\es\esadmin\master_config" and "C:\Program Files\IBM\es\esadmin" and "C:\Program Files\IBM\es" but I was unsuccessful in restarting the Miner application. Always the result occured was 0. Please, refer to the attachment "restartMiner.rtf".

Please, help me out regarding this.

Thanks in advance,


Sodhinipalli Chanakya


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    Re: Restart Embedded Web Application Server for Content Analytics Miner


    Your command looks good. Does it work? You do not need to change to a certain directory and can type restart instead of stop and start. "esadmin searchapp.node1 restart".