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Pinned topic HS23 7875 HBA FW

‏2013-05-30T10:11:26Z |

Hi, All

I have HS23 7875 with Emulex HBA (LPe1205) and I need to update Emulex HBA FW. I found three HBA FW update module with the same version but for

different OS(VMware, Windows, Linux) if I choose the OS category with "ALL" as attachment.

Because I want to use bootable media which is created by ToolsCenter with customization, I wonder if I just need to download the HBA FW of Linux version to create a customized bootable CD to update the HBA FW.

And HBA FW with windows and VMware version must be used to update HBA FW under windows and VMware OS, Is it right?

If I download the VMware HBA FW module, is it possible to create it into bootable media which is created by ToolCenter for updating HBA FW?





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