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‏2013-11-07T13:25:10Z | bms rdz rebuild subproject v9.0



I have just started to work with BMS and have a question concerning a subproject.

In the subproject there is only a BMS-File and in the propertygroup only the
categories BMS,JCL and Linking are active (beside Info).

The generate of the JCL works fine (for assembly and linking) and also the generate
of the symbolic map works correctly.

Now I want, that this steps also be done via a rebuildung of the subproject, but no Job for this
task is generated.

So, does the rebuild of such a kind of subproject not work and do I have to generate the JCL
and submit it every time ?




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    Re: RDz V9 and BMS projects


    Hi Sven,

    it appears that our subprojects were only designed for building COBOL, PL/I, HLASM, and C/C++.  So currently rebuild will not work for the BMS scenario you described.