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Pinned topic What is the recommended lightweight UTE for HATS 9?

‏2014-01-22T23:49:25Z | 9 hats testing


As we all know, HATS 9, runs in RAD 9.  RAD after 7.5 no longer has UTEs for install.  In my RAD, I have two options on the server tab:

a. Web Preview Server

b. WebSphere Application Server V8.5 Liberty Profile  (I selected only a few options including STRUTS for install)

Neither one of these environment allow me to run my first HATS project.  Aside from installing a complete version of WAS, is there any "lightweiight"  server that I can install on my development workstation to test run HATS web projects?

I also have the Portal toolkit installed.

In addition, why do I only have a WAS 7 server option in my drop down, and only an EAR_7 option?

What would be the path of least resistance?  This setup is strictly for demo purposes.

Thanks in advance.



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    Re: What is the recommended lightweight UTE for HATS 9?


    Hi Erasmus,

    You have a few questions going on here. First, Liberty would be a lightweight alternative to the full version of WAS; however, I am currently working on adding support for it but it is not currently available in the version of HATS you have.  If I want a very lightweight server to test with, meaning small footprint and quick start up time, I tend to use Geronimo.  It can be installed as easy as unzipping a file and it only takes a minute or less to run the server.  As for the server options you see when you create a project, that would be based on which server development tools you selected when you installed RAD.  Based on what you are saying, it sounds like you only selected the WAS 7 and Liberty tools.  If you run Installation Manager again and select the option to modify your RAD 9 installation, you can find the section called Server tools on the Modify Packages screen and select the other server tools you want to work with.