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Pinned topic Content Search - Filtering by multiple Authoring Templates

‏2013-06-26T05:37:58Z |

Hi All,

We have a requirement to filter the content by multiple Authoring Templates.We tried the options specified in the below reference. But no luck with the syntax provided in the reference.
We are using the Websphere Portal 
When we try the search feed url with the below format, we are able to filter by single authoring template, but we want to filter the content for multiple authoring templates.
http://<host>:<port>/searchfeed/myserver/search?query=<querystring>&index=<Search Collection ID>&queryLang=en_US&locale=en&results=1000&start=0&sortKey=relevance
Can someone help us in getting this issue resolved.
Your help is appreciated.. 
Thanks & Regards,
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