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Pinned topic Upgrading TRIRIGA Platform Versions and Crystal Server Dependencies

‏2017-06-27T16:52:21Z | crystal platform server upgrade

We understand that sometimes with new TRIRIGA platform and application version releases, a new version of Crystal Server will be required (tested by IBM and supported) in order for our existing Crystal Reports to function. Deviation from the tested and supported version of Crystal Server identified in the compatibility matrix is considered to be a significant risk.


From what we have been told, the version of TRIRIGA is tightly coupled with the supported version of Crystal Server.We are looking for a better understanding of how clients who may be using a shared Crystal Server across their enterprise handles upgrades to the TRIRIGA platform.


Because our business has recommended the use of their enterprise Crystal Server with our existing TRIRIGA application, we would like to understand the issues and risks of going with using a shared server where the upgrade schedule (annually) differs from our TRIRIGA upgrade schedules (2 years for platform, 5 years for combined application/platform).


Are there other clients of IBM who use a shared enterprise Crystal Server? When they want to upgrade TRIRIGA, do they always have the appropriate supported Crystal Server version paired with TRIRIGA? If not, what are other accepted (if risky) solutions?


Potentially, if we went with the enterprise Crystal Server, itwould likely often be further ahead than the version recommended by our platform.

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    Re: Upgrading TRIRIGA Platform Versions and Crystal Server Dependencies


    When TRIRIGA Supports a new version of Crystal, it doesn't necessarily mean that an older version of Crystal will stop working and cannot be used.  We take no steps to remove support of an older version.

    If for varying reasons you decided to not upgrade Crystal to the  supported version for a specific platform, and you ran into a support issue where the issue only occurred with the older version of Crystal, support will be limited and you might be required to upgrade to the later version of Crystal to address your specific issue.


    Assuming your testing goes well with the older version and you have no issues running with it, you are safe to keep using it.  Just keep in mind that there is always the chance that an upgrade may be required if a product issue was identified and is not reproducible on the later version of Crystal.


    Hope this helps.