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Pinned topic How to setup AccessServer on PowerHA

‏2013-03-05T01:52:15Z | idr-cdc
We are try to setup AccessServer on PowerHA,
but we cant find any infomation of how to setup accessserver  on powerha
(we highly recommended HA enviroment on accessserver)
Any Idea? 
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  • Rphilo
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    Re: How to setup AccessServer on PowerHA

    The Access Server is not really HA aware in any sense, so there are no special set-up procedures within the Access Server installation, but there are some general principles you can follow.
    If you install the Access Server on one node in the cluster, then any copy of the installation to any other node will also work, assuming the IP addresses and host names used on the first node are also valid on the other nodes. The details will depend on the cluster set-up and capabilities, but in the end it does not matter if the copy is done automatically by the cluster software, or by some manual process as long as the this process is properly managed.
    Although there is not a formal process description I would plan to use the Access Server in an "active-passive" type configuration, in other words designate one node as the normal node, to which the Management Console users willd direct the client to log on. You can then have some process to copy the dmaccessserver directories to the backup nodes so that after a failover the access server data is up-to-date. (There are some potential limitations here as you may well have a periodic copy, and there is therefore the risk that a user changes their password and then a failover occurs before the backup node data are updated, but these can be managed by appropriate processes and documentation).
    As far as the Access Server itself is concerned, there is no reason why the Access Server could not be active on all available nodes, except that you would then have to resolve updates to the users and datastores across multiple master instances.
    Hope this helps