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When search for portal -- I get very few results.  This can't be right.  Is search working for anyone else?

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    Re: Search not working in this forum




    Q.  Why doesn't search work?
    A.  Due to the volume of data, it takes several days to build the search index.  The initial search index following the upgrade is still running.  When it is finished, search will work as expected.

  • Michael Burati
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    Re: Search not working in this forum


    Yes, I had also just noticed that and reported it to the devWorks forum administrators and dev team, so hopefully it'll be resolved soon.

    In the meantime,  here's a trick that may help.

    Using your favorite search engine, try searching for "Web Experience Factory" "Best Practices"  and the search terms you're looking for.   That may be enough as is, but if not, then some search engines let you limit the search results to a specific site (like ).

    You may end up with a URL to a thread in the OLD devWorks forum pre-migration, BUT  those seem to be doing http redirect to the new migrated location/URL, so it has worked for me so far.

    Here's one search I had just tried:  

      web experience factory javascript nested quote attribute 

    I hope that info helps,
    ..Mike Burati
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