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We have to display Non English Characters in out application.

I have a model that contains a HTML page. When i run the active model from my IDE, the page is displayed in the browser and the deafult Encoding is shown as UTF-8 in the Browser when it renders the page. I am not sure from where & how this encoding is getting set.

Secondly, even when i explicitly set the encoding to iso-8859-1 or Big5 using the HTML META tag, when i run the WPF Model again the browser shows the encoding for the Page as UTF-8. I am not sure why is the Meta Tag in HTML(With Big5 as the charset) getting ignored.


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    Re: Character Encoding


    Web Experience Factory has a configuration property that can be set in to set the default encoding that is used by the application.  You can set the following property:


    This, will set the default page encoding used for request/response handling.  The default encoding is used when the request does not contain specific encoding information in the request.


    I might also suggest that you try using the following code to set the response encoding (instead of the HTML META tag).