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Pinned topic Cloud Standards Customer Council (CSCC) Virtual Meeting:

‏2011-05-31T14:26:38Z |
 The first virtual meeting of the CSCC ( has been held. Work is underway to prepare for the first Face to Face meeting in Salt Lake City on June 21st.

Several key areas were discussed, but the ones that surfaced to the top were the identification of candidate Working Groups and also the nomination process for the Steering Committee.

The working group discussion evolved around identifying areas which the members felt that further discussion was needed to ensure that the members' requirements were addressed without reinventing work that has already been completed. The following is a list of the candidate working groups, of which, the ones with the highest priority will be launched on the F2F:

+ IaaS - Evolution from Infrastructure to Workload Management
+ PaaS - Landscape and Boundary
+ SaaS - Industry Vertical ( Retail, Finance, Telco and others)
+ Mapping the Cloud Space
+ Social Business Standards for Cloud
+ Practical Guide for Cloud Computing
+ Cloud Computing Reference Architecture
+ Cloud Computing for Media
+ Cloud Computing for Legal
+ Industry requirements for Cloud Computing
    = Healthcare
    = Telecommunications
    = Government
    = Financial Services
    = Transportation
    = Education
    = Retail

At the F2F meeting, the chairs of the respective WGs will be elected by the WG participants.

In order to ensure order as the CSCC evolves, a Steering Committee will be put in place with the members of the steering committee coming from the membership. Elections of the Steering Committee will be held on June 21st. To take a leadership role within the CSCC as a member of the Steering Committee, one must be a member of the Council first. The process is simple and for qualified enterprises, there is no fee. If you have any questions on the membership process, please contact Ken Berk, or 1.781.444.1132 ext 150                     

The membership application process can be initiated at

NOTE: Membership has tripled since the announcement in April and is now over 140 companies.

Once the membership process has been completed, one can submit their nomination to be a member of the steering committee by sending an email to

Look forward to your participation in the CSCC and adding your voice to Open Cloud Computing.