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Pinned topic DB2 Express-C high memory usage on 64-bit Linux

‏2013-04-29T10:21:00Z | linux memory


Some time ago, I managed to install and configure DB2 Express-C on Linux (Debian (wheezy), 32-bit) from db2_v1012_linuxia32_expc_lite.tar.gz package Minimal lightweight configuration on Linux

Now, I'm trying to do similar setup, but on 64-bit OpenVZ VPS with more RAM (1024MB guaranteed/2014MB burst) and I'm experiencing very high memory usage.

First, in order to make db2start succeed, I have to kill most of processes to make at least 90% of memory available. Once db2start is successful, I'm observing that 1.9GB of 2GB RAM is used! On 32-bit, I never experienced such 'greediness' .

I just need a single instance, single database. How can I limit all DB2 processes to max 512-600 MB RAM?

Tweaking kernel.* parameters, DB2 instance_memory, database_memory does not seem to help. Whatever I do, DB2 is eating 1.9GB.

I'd appreciate any suggestions.


Mateusz Loskot,