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‏2013-09-19T15:45:40Z | / include main

continuation conversation :


Would you run the following query to get the list of files RAA believes are MAIN programs, but are used as includes (in other main program files) ?

(Send the results please)

I want to get a sense of size and accuracy.

John D

select substr(file.file_name, 1, 32)
      , file.language_cd
      , file.file_type_cd
   from dmh.dmh_cu_include ci
   join dmh.dmh_file file
     on ci.member_id = le_id
  where ci.incl_type_id = 0
    and ci.member_id in (select member_id
                           from dmh.dmh_cu_include
                          where incl_type_id != 0)

result (attach file) of this query for all sites because I do not know how to limit to a site starting from your query