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‏2013-05-03T14:16:54Z | exception grid

Hi All :

On Developer Machine  I have environment like this

WAS with Modern feature pack .  when I'm restarting the server I see exception like

W HeartBeater sendHeartBeat Could not send heart beat to: http://STO-6291WK1:9080/PGCProxyController/PortableGridContainerProxyServlet Batch: Message,ERROR-->IO Exception while trying to send message via HTTP to http://STO-6291WK1:9080/PGCProxyController/PortableGridContainerProxyServlet, not found or could not be formatted.

After some time , System restarts and it works not  normally .

what would be cause for this exception. ..?

Thank you...


  • Scott Kurz
    Scott Kurz
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    Re: Grid Exception


    This exception shows the endpoint server trying (and failing) to establish communication with the scheduler server.   If the scheduler is not restarted yet, it might happen one or more times but should go away once the scheduler completes startup.   You could also see it with an actual connectivity problem but you mentioned the server startup case.