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Dear All,

I am trying to migrate the modules from VisulaAge to EGL using VisualAge 4.5.After running  VAGenToEGLMigration no modules were migrated  and  got the errors as I mentioned in the attachment. Can any one tell me how to resolve this issue.

Thanks a lot in Advance.


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    Re: VAGen To EGL Migration



    First of all, I would suggest you review the steps in the VAGen to EGL Migration Guide.   This is very detailed and should help you get further along.

    The most recent version can be found here:

    From looking at the doc you attached,

    - What version of RBD/EGL are you using?   RBD V9 is the latest.

    - The VAGen to EGL migration feature looks like it may have come from EGL V6.  (i.e. a 2004 date).  The one I use has a version of 20080228_1330.

    - It appears that you are including the VAGen to EGL migration feature in your migration set.  You should only include your own VAGen code projects in the migration set (config map in VAGen/smalltalk based or PLP in VAGen/Java based). 

    - I did not see a userid/password defined in the preferences.  This will be needed to connect to the database once you get that far.

    - Did you set the location of the DB2 driver's jar file in the CLASSPATH for the migration tool as instructed in the migration doc?  The class not found message for the connection manager makes me think you don't.


    Hope this helps.