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Pinned topic Issue with 5.0 Beta Memory Analyzer

‏2013-05-28T11:57:33Z |

Im having an issue when ever i try to use the report based Memory Analyzer, I get the following error:

Unable to locate tools.jar. Expected to find it in /opt/IBM/SupportAssistant/ISA5/_jvm/lib/tools.jar

Application is installed on 64bit RHEL linux.


Any ideas? I have installed all packages.

  • rbwright
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    Re: Issue with 5.0 Beta Memory Analyzer


    Hi Brian,

    The message about tools.jar appears to be benign. I see the same message at the start of the logs on both Windows and Linux when the tool runs successfully.

    If Memory Analyzer is failing my hunch is that X11 isn't running or that the DISPLAY environment variable in use when ISA was started is incorrect. The ISA 5 Beta 3 release notes explain how to set that up. See the section titled "###X11 DISPLAY" for details. Here's a link to the online release notes: .

    Would you give this a try to see if Memory Analyzer will run successfully in your Linux environment?