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I am about to install BigInsights Enterprise Edition and have the following question. What level of  the pre-install verification is required  to ensure successful installation?  I am referring to the  page, but I am wondering is there more to it. This is a POC exercise   only.  We have created 6 LPARs and GPFS and we are at the stage to validate level of readiness for the BigInsights Installation to commence.

Can you please share you experience and advise of any  particular  pitfalls. What are the key  prerequisites apart from what is documented in the above link?




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    Re: BigInsights Enterprise Edition Install Preparation


    Were you saying that you had GPFS installed already ? Did you take the GPFS installer (GPFS FPO) from the BigInsights installer ? There exists a bind between the 2 components and it might not work as expected. The pre-requisite / worksheet is a good place to start and document all the required components and activities to perform the installation.

    - Do you have the required Root access ?

    - Have you identified the drives that would be used for the install

    - Have you identified the required security mechanisms that would be used ? - remember, there is no re-configuration for implementing security, later.

    - Have you verified if the target OS is at par with the pre-requisites ?

    If you are proceeding with a UI based install, ensure that you have a Response file created. The installer performs an internal pre-requisite check before it proceed with the installation - so you would get to know if you have missed on any facts.

    Btw, If you are proceeding with GPFS, then there is a bigger challenge -preparation of disk, identifying the partitions, ensuring the mount point etc. I am making an assumption that you have gone through this.

    Good luck with the installation..

    - Mano.