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Pinned topic Produce 60-second radio theatre with XML, PHP and Festival

‏2010-07-02T13:47:24Z |

What is 60-second theatre?

You have 60 seconds (approximately) to tell your story. Establish the basic situation, introduce a conflict, build the picture very quickly, and finally resolve the conflict in some way with all the ends tidied up. You can use recorded sounds for effects and, in this case, I'm using synthesized voices with the text-to-speech (TTS) engine Festival. The utterances will be flat and expressionless, and—sometimes—difficult to understand because the voices are not perfect.

Download the complete sample play as an audio .ogg file, then read on to learn how the play was generated. Shakespeare is not at all concerned about losing his preeminent status as the Bard, but in this context, it's not the play that's the thing, it's how it can be programmed. I generated this play entirely with open source and free software, and it uses the Festival TTS engine with some of the distinctive voices it provides.

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