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Pinned topic Clearcase builds suddenly doubling ??

‏2013-06-14T22:25:17Z |


Recently our Clearcase builds which typically take  90 minutes all of sudden took 3 hours and 6 hours.  I'm curious as to what the cause is... and I'm also curious as why these times seem to be perfect multiples (2x's / 4x's).


Any thoughts?



Sharon Supthin


  • benray
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    Re: Clearcase builds suddenly doubling ??


    I'd recommend opening a PMR so the support team can investigate in detail. We'd want to look at data like:

    - cc versions & operating systems involved

    - when did the problem start?

    - what is the frequency/trend?

    - which build hosts are affected? which are not affected?

    - where are the views hosted & stored? where are vobs hosted & stored? what is the client?

    - any known changes in the environment prior to the problem?

    - what are you building (eg, make, clearmake, java etc)?

    - we may need to dig into the details of what the build does to see where in the lifecycle of the process the delays are introduced that you did not see before.