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‏2013-04-29T22:07:20Z | reports web

I have been using a custom web report that Lee Wei created called  Fixlet Compliance by Computer Group (v1.6) and it gives me all I need 

to show Security and Quality group in our company evidence of Remediation from Applicable to Remediated. The only thing I would like to ask

the group was a way to list all of the patches that were applied. For example, When I run the report before patching, I get the graph, Summary of Applicable

fixlets, Installed Fixlet and Total Outstanding Fixlets  I also get the List of Outstanding fixlets. What I am missing was a LIST of patches that were installed

after applying the patches. Could anyone help me out generate the list? I can see the total number from the summary but would like to show the list that

were installed. Thanks in advance.