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Pinned topic No access to History log

‏2014-01-15T15:32:49Z | cm8 history

There is no way to view the history of an item (CM8). Will this be included in a next release ?

This is available with the pClient, but we need to offer this view to some ICN users.

Note : the pClient is dropped from CM 8.5 release, and the ICN interface is said to replace it. This is an additional reason to ask for this support .


  • damorris
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    Re: No access to History log


    Not currently in plan.  I don't believe what pClient exposes is the same as an audit trail.  I seem to recall it was just listing the information in the events table and not necessarily tracking 'just' history.  Maybe someone from my team that knows CM8 at a deeper level can explain.

  • RustyRyan
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    Re: No access to History log


    Is there any update on including this feature into an upcoming release of ICN? I have a large CM8 client that is requesting this feature.