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Pinned topic clearmake could not reuse shared DOs with gnu compatibility mode makefiles

‏2013-10-28T08:20:39Z | clearmake do sharing

Hi All,


Thanks for looking in to this topic.

I have run in to a strange case with clearmake or I did not understand it completely.

Let me explain my problem in detailed.

We have a makefile which run several targets, none of them are having dependencies with other.

Hence I tried generating dependency graph with clearmake -C gnu mode while running my targets.

This went fine, and now I got new makefile with dependency graph and DOs(I did winkin them all of them and new makefiel also)

Now i created another view and called a target from the new makefile, it is not re using the DOs winkined from first view, but rebuilding everything. But when when I do the same from my 3rd view, then it is winkinng in from 2nd view Dos, but nto from my first view. Hence my first view has become just for generating a makefile, I could not make use of those DOs in other views.


my mian Makefile looks like below



          clearmake -C gnu Makefile target1

          cleartool catcr -makefile target1 > newmakefile

promote: newmakefile

         cleartool winkin newmakefile

         cleartool winkin -siblings target1


             this runs soem MATLAB commands and generates target1 DOS.


bash$ clearmake -C gnu -f Makefile  promote

this goes fine.

Now I go to second view:

bash$ clearmake -C gnu -f newmakefile target1

this is now rebuilding, re winkin in, instead of reusing the ones generated in first view.


when i run the same command from from my 3rd view, 

it is re using the DOs generated from 2nd view.

My doubt is why is it not reusing the DOjects generated in first view?

when i see the diffcr, it is not showing any difference other than the sibling derived objects.


I tired using -O -T _F, still didn't help.

Appreciate any help on this.


Thanks in advance,