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Pinned topic RDI 9.6 hangs when adding SEP

‏2019-03-20T12:08:22Z | 9.6 rdi sep


i'm using RDI 9.6 on a Windows 10 PC. IBM i is V7.2, PTF's seem to be good. The IBM i is hosted remotely. Port 4300 should be free. I tried my issue also in a completely different environment on customer side and got the same. So i would guess it is not specific to my PC or IBM i.

Problem is:

Whenever i want to add a SEP in a Serviceprogram, the RDI hangs up.


Does anyone know why and how to resolve? I have the feeling this is a problem when using RDI not in a local Network.

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    Re: RDI 9.6 hangs when adding SEP


    Please open a PMR for the problem. In your PMR, please describe whether this is a complete IDE hang up or just the fact that the SEP is not added. If it is a complete IDE hang up, the IDE will be unresponsive after your action. The support folks will ask you to capture a hang stack trace when you open a PMR.