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Pinned topic DS3512 stays on preferred controller even when this is disconnected

‏2013-09-06T15:22:33Z | ds3512; failover path;

Hi everybody,

I'm using a dual controller DS3512, connected through two brocade FC switches to a blade center H with HS12 blades (dual QLogic HBA) running ESXi 4.1.

If I manually disconnect the preferred controller (namely controller A, which is preferred for all drives/arrays), controller A keeps being the current owner, why? I expected that logical drives that were originally owned by the removed controller should have been moved to the alternate controller.

This prevent my blade to load the OS, I guess because I set the primary boot on each HBA the WWPN matching the preferred controller (A), so when booting after disconnecting it, the blade should point to controller B, which actually is not the owner of drives/array, even if the preferred controller has been disconnected. Is it right? How to solve it?

Thanks in advance for any suggestion.