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Pinned topic Refresh cache refuses to stay off

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I am running the latest ( version, but this problem has been around since the beginning of RDi. For some inexplicable reason, the "Refresh Cache" option under Program Verification will decide to not let itself be disabled. It certainly lets you uncheck the option, and if you click "Apply" it stays unchecked. But then you click "Ok" and it runs a verification with Cache enabled again. If you check preferences you'll see that it is indeed enabled.  You can try it over and over again and it simply stay's enabled. It even persists across program restarts. At this point I give up and revert back to submitting compiles instead. I do check periodically in the days to come if it will let me uncheck the option successfully, and eventually it does, but there is no rhyme or reason to it.



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    Re: Refresh cache refuses to stay off


    Hi John,


    I've been trying to recreate the behavior for a few days now, and have not been able to. Have you tried a new workspace? It could be something corrupt in your workspace. Turn the refresh cache off and export the settings for RDi. Then create a new workspace and import the settings.


    The only other possible reason for it resetting would be something causing a periodic restore to your workspace, or if the settings are coming from the IBM i using push to client. Here's a link to that feature. It could be that someone in your shop has turned that feature on.

    If neither of these suggestions work, please contact IBM Support to open a PMR so we can investigate the issue.