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Pinned topic redhat_transparent_hugepage and RHEL6+

‏2013-04-19T18:20:03Z |

Is the restriction on redhat_transparent_hugepage never still in effect for RHEL6+?

  • renarg
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    Re: redhat_transparent_hugepage and RHEL6+


    Hallo David,

    i found that the FAQ has been updated. And mentioned that THP are supported since RHEL6.4.

    GPFS has the following restrictions on RHEL support:

    - On RHEL6.x, GPFS does not support the Transparent Huge Page (THP) feature for kernels

    prior to RHEL 6.4 (kernel version 2.6.32-358.el6). On unsupported kernels, THP should be

    disabled at boot time by appending transparent_hugepage=never to the kernel boot options."

    We had no experiences yet for this. IBMer are there any tips on that now?

    Regards Renar