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Pinned topic IP addresses in MQ Logs

‏2011-09-04T09:36:11Z |

We are currently using IBM MQ. We have a Front End(Requesting END) VB application on windows and my Host End(Processing END) on Unix. We have a Installed MQ on every Front End machine and my UNIX server also has a Mq queue manager as the middleware.

We have dedicated channels created on the queue managers for processing specific message sent. Every Message sent is through my sender channel and is recived on a Receiver channel on the host end. Every Message send has specific formatted header and data.

Recently we used the option put Test message from the front end to put a random "test" message on the host end(unix server) queue. The process could not handle the message because there was no formatted header.

So researching into it, we could not find where exactly the TCP/Ip logs of messages received(IP address) on logs written in /var/mqm/mq/logs/queuemanager/active path. Because it is clear any of our users could perform such an activity. If such an incident happens, we would want to know which user(using the IP address/which of the logs is it written to) did it and also how to avoid such incidents.
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  • SystemAdmin
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    Re: IP addresses in MQ Logs

    ‏2011-09-05T04:32:14Z   in response to srikanthtcs
    The MQ recovery logs do not record anything about IP addresses or host names. The MQ message header (MQMD) does not contain anything about IP addresses or host names, although it does contain a Reply Queue Manager and a Put Application Name, which will help identify the source.

    If you need to record information about messages received over TCP/IP MQ channels, I suggest you look at IBM SupportPac MA0Z.

    HTH, G.
    • rui.chen
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      Re: IP addresses in MQ Logs

      ‏2019-04-18T00:15:41Z   in response to SystemAdmin

      Hi there, is it still true the hostname/ip is not included in various log?

      We are trying to figure out if it's possible to identify the source of indoubt transactions. Tried "dmpmqlog" / "amqldmpa", and i still haven't figured out how to...... Thx.

  • EnioMarques
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    Re: IP addresses in MQ Logs

    ‏2019-06-04T20:08:32Z   in response to srikanthtcs

    As SA mentioned, you can try to use a channel exit, or you can also try to leave a trace running in the server. The channel exit is easier, as the trace generates a lot of data and it will be a little hard to properly navigate thru its output.