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Pinned topic 5 Ways AI Systems Are Changing the Business World

‏2018-04-25T13:09:55Z | sap

For the last few years, artificial intelligence (AI) has become an integral part of the business world. Although a relatively new technology, AI is gaining traction in the business world. AI is being used in some industries to automate business analytics and intelligence processes quick and effective solutions. With the advent of computer vision, it is now possible for self-driving cars to operate on the roads.

If you are interested AI in your business, you might want to learn from the following AI is used:

Preventing Fraud

With the millions of financial transactions carried out by banks in a single day, it is not possible to detect fraud as soon as it happens. Luckily today's payment systems have been equipped with machine learning capabilities to ensure every transaction is secured. By analyzing user behavior, the machines are able to tell when fraudulent actions happen. This is used in the insurance industry too, where improper payouts are flagged by the machines.

Safe Trading

Days are gone when financial analysts had to keep track of indices and prices so as to make the right financial decisions. In the end, the quality of decisions made depended on the individual's expertise and sheer good luck.

With AI, trading has become easier and less fraught with risk. AI is increasingly being used to make quick and accurate decisions by hedge funds and banks. All the machine does is sift through a huge amount of data to come up with intelligent decisions. AI machines have the ability to analyze trading patterns after spotting them. It can then find ways of adapting to the dynamic market conditions.

Personalized Investment Plans

As an individual, you know you need a personalized investment plan but starting out is a big problem. With AI systems, it is easier to come up with these investment plans. In some institutions, these systems are known as 'robo-advisors'. They use data to choose the best investment assets and analyze prevailing market trends to better gear the investment plans. Once you have signed up for an investment plan, the 'robo-advisors' will manage it for you.

Online Customer Support

Today, you are not in business if you don't have a website. On your business site, it is important that you include a 'chat' function where your clients can speak one-on-one to a customer support officer. On most websites, it is an AI chat bot speaking with the client. These AI systems have the ability to comprehend human conversation and thus help customers find answers to their questions.  Customers can also be redirected to the right person or web page if they need more support.


To ward off breaches to their data integrity, firms are now investing in AI systems to detect threats real-time, mitigate, and prevent damage.The systems use machine learning algorithms so that it can monitor behavior, detect threats, respond to anomalies, and alert you. With AI's sophisticated cyber security infrastructure, what you get is a multi-faceted, sophisticated, and robust strategy.

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