<p>Welcome to the EGL forum, a great place for everyone to share information about the EGL programming language! <p>To help get answers quickly, include the follow information in your initial post. <ol> <li>EGL tooling and version - RBD v7.5.1.5, EGL CE 1.0.1, ... <li>Target environment - OS, application server, database, ... <li>Application type - Rich UI, JSF, Batch, Text UI, ... <li>Generation language - Java, JavaScript, COBOL, or combination </ol> <p>When posting code, use {code} markup tags. For example: <pre> {code} Program MyProgram { } function main( ) end end {code} </pre> <p>Click "Watch the forum" to receive email about new posts. Click "Mark as answered" to indicate that your question has been answered. <p> Go to <a href="">EGL Group home page</a>.
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