CICS® <a href=""> SupportPac CA1S</a> provides support for the <a href="">PHP</a> language in CICS using the <a href="">IBM® WebSphere® sMash</a> Java™-based runtime package, and allows the creation of <a href="">RESTful Web Services</a> written in PHP which are able to access existing CICS applications and data. The PHP support is a subset of the WebSphere sMash product, which is a complete Web application platform for developing and running modern Web applications. The technology behind WebSphere sMash, including the PHP runtime, is developed following a community driven commercial development model at <a href=""></a>.<br/><br/> With these new capabilities, you can extend the range of CICS assets that can be exposed as REST services. Specifically, CA1S enables PHP programmers to: <ul> <li>Write PHP scripts that are invoked in response to inbound HTTP requests.</li> <li>Access DB2® tables via PHP Data Objects (PDO) using the DB2 JDBC driver from PHP code.</li> <li>Exploit existing CICS COMMAREA applications from PHP code.</li> <li>Easily create sMash-style RESTful services.</li> </ul> <br><br>This forum enables you to interact with the CICS user community and the CICS PHP development team. Use it to better understand PHP in CICS, to debug problems, to make requests, to get answers and to give feedback! This forum is moderated by CICS PHP architects, developers and testers.<br/><br/>
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