The Advance Toolchain for Linux on POWER Support Forum has moved to the new <a href="">Think Power Linux Community</a>. Please Join this Group (button Top Right of the Landing Page) if not already a member to post questions, provide feedback, or just chat about PowerLinux. <p> <b>NOTE: This forum is now in Read Only mode. </b></p> <!--The Advance Toolchain is a collection of free-software application development products specifically tailored to make early use of IBM hardware features. It includes GCC (GNU Compiler Collection), GLIBC (GNU C Libraries), GNU binary utilities, GDB ( GNU debugger), and the performance analysis tools (QProfile and Valgrind) in a self contained Toochain. The Advance Toolchain duplicates the function of packages already delivered by Linux distributors but provides additional features for the POWER6 and now POWER7 family of processors as indicated in the Advance Toolchain Release Notes 'Features' section.<br> The Advance Toolchain is built by and available from the University of Illinois at <a href=""></a>.-->
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