This forum is intended to discuss the complexities of doing Composite Application Monitoring and the many Tivoli solutions that offer relief in this area. Composite applications are those applications that contain several distinct components that together make up the application such as a web server, application sever and database. Participants are asked to share their experiences, ask questions and answer any questions they feel can help others. The topics should surround issues relating to monitoring applications such as WebSphere from a performance and transactional aspect as well as other popular infrastructures. The forum should cover topics such as how to detect Java application memory leaks, stack traces, heap dumps and method traces. Also, techniques for byte code instrumentation (BCI) and the use of JVMPI and JVMTI. Participants can speak to the different ways they use Tivoli solutions such as ITCAM for WebSphere, ITCAM for SOA or ITCAM for RTT to solve composite application problems, both Java and non-Java based, so everyone can get the most from their use of these solutions. This should be a very interactive forum, with experts from Tivoli as well as the Customer contributing their expertise and experiences.