Valerie Skinner

Blog Authors:  Valerie Skinner   is part of the IBM developerWorks team, getting to know the real developers who make up the My developerWorks community and exploring the world of social networking. I'm enjoying learning what makes developers tick! I'm very interested in exploring online communities and social media and understanding real world application - how they can help people solve problems and work together.

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Comments (6)

1 thartric commented Permalink

I love these interviews! Keep 'em coming!

2 robinlangford commented Permalink

Great interview! It's about time John was the *subject* of a story, rather than the editor behind it! Thanks, Valerie.

3 bobleah commented Permalink

Free candy?

4 mullerj commented Trackback

Is it ever hard for you working from home since you "get charge out of being around others"? Thanks for the interview John! Keep barking :-) <div>&nbsp;</div>

5 v_dulcimer commented Permalink

Great to hear more from you, John! I always enjoy the newsletter intros (and content too, of course).

6 johnswan commented Permalink

Who does this guy think he is? Thanks for the kind words, folks -- and thanks to Valerie for putting this together! (And to Scott Laningham for doing a podcast interview with me -- got my 15 mins of fame this week. :o)

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