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1 1GSA_Javier_Ordax commented Permalink


In minute 5:28. How or from where do you get that message?

2 Carlos Santana commented Permalink

Hi @1GSA_Javier_Ordax
The message at minute 5:28 "App is disable" is the text that is enter in the Worklight Console Web Page , there is a text area named "Default notification text (will appear on the device)

When you set the state to "Access Disable" for a version of an App you are able to set this text message and url that will be sent to the mobile device when it tried to connect. The url can be use to point to a new version of the App or maybe a location with more information on why the App is disable.
I hope the explanation helps.

3 1GSA_Javier_Ordax commented Permalink

Sorry, it was an error, I don't know why I thought that message came from disabling the application using MaM (the devices tab in the console), that is the situation I'm not being able to handle. Thank you.