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1 app@worklight commented Permalink

I'm working with Worklight 6.0.0 and Webworks 2.0. My problem is that I can't modify the "index.html" file cause it's generated automatically by Worklight builder so I guess it's only readadle. the seconde point is that after installing the application, I got this message :
TypeError: 'undefined' is not a function (evaluating 'WLJSX.Ajax.WLRequest.setConnected(true)')
And I can't invoke any procedure in my adapter.
How can I fix this issue ?

2 max Firmin commented Permalink

3 82AB_Rahul_Raghuvanshi commented Permalink

This blog is applicable for Worklight 6.1 BB10 Project.

4 Arwen4o4 commented Permalink

if worklight is using cordova 3.1, how it comes we can build worklight BB10 project with webworks SDK 2.0 since it is built upon Apache Cordova 3.4 as you have already mentioned.

If I use cordova 3.1 generated by worklight, I can't get access to webworks API and if I use the latest version of cordova I will lose access to the worklight API (for exemple, I can't use adapters anymore)
And finally a message to worklight team: find solution for your update system. Why I have to deal with cordova 3.1 and cordova 3.5 is already HERE !!!!!????

5 Rahul_Raghuvanshi commented Permalink

Hi Arwen4o4, I have updated the blog. So you can see here, in "Upgrade Worklight BB10 Project" section, i mentioned that if you are using 6100 or 6101, change "worklight/cordova.js " to "../../cordova.js".This will point to latest cordova of your WebWorks. So now your bb10 app can use Worklight API as well as the latest cordova API that comes with WebWorks 2.x.

If you are using later version or Worklight, than you don't have to follow manual steps, as qnx ant command will do it for you.

6 Arwen4o4 commented Permalink

Hi Rahul_Raghuvanshi,
Thanks for your quick response. Now it works like a charm.
In fact we are using IBM Worklight and what you have added was the right solution.
thanks again n keep it up :)