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1 developerExplorer commented Permalink

It seems like you refer to a demo app in your article. Where can I find it?

2 DrorAharon commented Permalink

A demo app is created when using the Bluemix boilerplate.
There's a link in the first paragraph to the source code of the demo app after the modifications needed, you can also follow the video in the same link.

3 developerExplorer commented Permalink


Thank you for your help. Another question--in the "Worklight validator preparation--configure external service", how did you create the .pem file, copy the .pem/tgz file, and install the tgz file? I tried using command prompt, but it did not work. It looks like you're using Ubuntu in your video, but what if I am using Windows? Do you mind guiding me in a direction with this--the WL SSO documentation is a little confusing to me.

4 DrorAharon commented Permalink

Regarding exporting the .pem file from keystore:
In the video, this step doesn't exist... the github repo already has a cert.pem file that was created from the Worklight default keystore.
For production env when using your own keystore, the Java keytool should do the trick...
On my ubuntu, I had no problem creating the .pem file using the command (from the IBM Knowledge Center link):
keytool -exportcert -keystore $KEYSTORE_FILE -alias $CERTIFICATE_ALIAS -rfc > $OUTPUT_FILE.pem

If that doesn't work, maybe try taking a look at:
In any case, this is a technical issue that has little to do with the feature itself. So worst case - Google probably has the answer you're looking for
Hope this helps