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I followed all the steps but I am getting "Error sending SMS: Invalid destination Address" error log in SMS gateway app

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I'm trying to build a 2 way SMS system for user interaction using DST environment. User should be able to send an sms in particular format to the published number. Based on availability, the tool should be able to respond back to the end user in sms about his/her confirmation of the requested service. Can this be implemented with the above, assuming the end user will not have a data connection and relies only on SMS based commnication?

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Yes Worklight supports 2 ways SMS communications so what you describe is possible. Nevertheless I haven't tested if this can be tested using the tool described above, since as you can see from the mobile phone point of view, the sender is yourself, so if you reply to the SMS most likely you will send an SMS to yourself and not to the gateway. When the SMS comes from a real telco operator of course this wouldn't be the case.