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1 ChristianMenkens commented Permalink

Great Video. Our team has worked on several Worklight Hybrid projects over the last years and we have used Dojo, JQuery Mobile and AngularJS. Based on these experiences we have now settled on AngularJS as the best framework to build hybrid apps and decided to build our Application Framework that forms the basis for all future apps using AngularJS, Underscore and some additional libraries like MomentJS etc.

2 VaradaVenkataKrishna commented Permalink

Thanks for the tutorial Anton Aleksandrov it was very helpful. with the same code base if i deploy this project on to windows phone. page routing is not happening with IBM worklight 6.3 and windows mobile with os 8.1, For me it is directly showing Feeds page with no data displayed. navigatiuon of page will not happen. basically the problem with TemplateUrl used with directives will not fetch the particular template. so it will not render. can you please test this code in windows and provide me a solution? thanks .