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1 AnthonyEnglish commented Permalink

What a great post! Thanks for writing it. I have a fascination with etymology, but I hadn't considered word order so closely. I'm looking forward to your future posts. <div>&nbsp;</div> Anthony, author of AIX Down Under blog. <br />

2 thartric commented Permalink

Hey Gretchen... this is great post! I am glad you put your talents to use on developerWorks!

3 bobleah commented Permalink

Wow... just super! Now to apply what I have learned to my next blog post! THANKS!!!

4 leahket commented Permalink

... informative, relevant, and a pleasure to read. Looking forward to your next tip. thanks!

5 VictoriaO commented Permalink

Fascinating stuff here! Thank you for blogging! Maybe my blogging skillz will improve with reading yours. You know... WHEN I actually blog. heh. ;)

6 Jeffj2 commented Permalink

Gretchen, excellent post. Thanks for sharing this behind the scenes knowledge. My interest was piqued by the title that I had to take a peek at the entry that crossed the Everest peak of knowledge.

7 sfdomina commented Permalink

I look forward to following and reading your blog, Gretchen! What a great and applicable post! I always enjoy learning from you and with you. Since I don't have the pleasure of being in the office to sit in on some of your greenhouse sessions, this feels close to the next best thing. Thanks!!

8 shardson commented Permalink

Gretchen, I love this! What a great post!

9 emilynicholls commented Permalink

The much-awaited blog post! An excellent read, Gretchen.

10 gem-editor commented Permalink

@AnthonyEnglish -- Hi, Anthony! And I'm a new fan of your blog, AIX Down Under. It's filled with clever examples of how to leaven technical material with humor. Favorite headings: "Bloggers can be chusers" and "Name your poisson" (about the fish command). Love it! --Gretchen

11 gem-editor commented Permalink

@developerWorks teammates -- No pressure, ha! Thanks for reading! Unleashing the next tip this Friday. --gem

12 AnthonyEnglish commented Permalink

You're a fan of AIX Down Under? That makes two of us. Now to convince the rest of the world. <div>&nbsp;</div> (Or, reading your first blog post, maybe that should read differently:) <div>&nbsp;</div> Of AIX Down Under you're a fan? Of us, that makes two. Step by step, we the world will overtake.

13 robinlangford commented Permalink

Gretchen, this is a super post! Do you know about the Grammar Girl podcast ( You can be our very on dW grammar lady -- we're all the better for your lessons! <div>&nbsp;</div> I'm SO glad you've started this blog!

14 tomyoung commented Permalink

Nice post! I added 'contumely' to my incredibly-unlikely-to-be-used-in-casual-conversation-but-good-to-know list.