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1 localhost commented Permalink

Bobby, thanks for the recommendations.- A reader

2 localhost commented Permalink

Hi,Reading blogs would also certainly help.Read www.javablogs.com that is an aggregator of java blogs. -Goldy Lukkahttp://javablogs.xyling.com

3 localhost commented Permalink

Sun (founder of Java) has a "New to Java Center" that makes it all pretty simple: http://java.sun.com/learning/new2java/

4 localhost commented Permalink

I tend to find The Server Side to be kind of a super market tabloid of a Java news site; more interested in shocking than educating. There, I've said it, let the hate mail begin.Amen. God, I'm glad someone else is so annoyed by that site. What really turns my stomach is how the comments on nearly every article turn into a giant flame war. It makes me sick to think that our industry is filled with such childish personalities who would rather spend their time bitching at each other in online forums than writing software.

5 localhost commented Permalink

Have a look at http://www.IndicThreads.com, particularly the interviews at http://www.indicthreads.com/interviews/

6 localhost commented Permalink

I must say, I really enjoyed Hani Suleiman's take on a typical TSS thread a while back. Search on google for "BileBlog TSS Ultimate Summary" (no quotes).

7 localhost commented Permalink

Bill: Yeah, the TSS Ultimate Summary posting. I remember that now. That's a good one. I remember reading that and thinking, "Sadly, that's often how TSS tends to be."

8 localhost commented Permalink

After some of the negative things we've said here about TSS, I felt obligated to link to this post by Floyd Marinescu where he writes about the stregths of TSS.

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