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as the number one portal software based on software license and maintenance revenue

Does this mean its the best or just the most expensive?

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Companies take price and cost of ownership very seriously into consideration when deciding to make a purchase. If one product is $10 and another is $15, the majority of purchasers would look to see if the $15 item is worth spending the $5. If it provides enough additional value to make it worth the extra $5, the $15 product will be chosen. Otherwise, it's the $10.

I think revenue comparisons are reasonable, as it shows overall how much companies in the marketplace are willing to invest in the product.

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With the WPS v6 on its way, and with its useful enhancements, it will not be a tough task for IBM to maintain this leadership, atleast, in the near future. Or?

When working with portal server, my only concern is the performance.. it is a big elephant .. black or white?!
Whatz new in WPS v6?http://www-128.ibm.com/developerworks/websphere/library/techarticles/0607_hepper/0607_hepper.html

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hi bob i was wondering how come there are no comments from u on reent IBM acquisition of fileNet?

Would like to see ur views on this? Sitting far from the deal, it looked as if a big fish eating a small fish ?

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