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"...There are non-WebSphere, third-party packages for CSA, but all they really enable is click to call." - I disagree.

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Byju, of course you can disagree, but if you think the statement is factually incorrect, you should provide counterexamples. Just saying you disagree without citing any facts as a basis for your disagreement isn't useful.

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One example of a third-party CSA package which I know personally is http://grailnetworks.com/corp/en/products/servicesuite/livecustomerservicechat.onThis 'live chat customer support' (the term CSA wasn't coined yet I believe) enables more than 'click to call'. It does report which pages web users were on while initiating chat and much more.

Now, I agree with rest of your article. Just that disagree on the part I had quoted.
PS:Posting comments IBM articles used to be one-way traffic to a black hole. So didn't bother to give details initially. Good to see a change there.

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I'm not familiar with the Live Customer Service Chat package, but here's the distinction between WebSphere CSA and 3rd party apps like LCSC (as I understand it; check http://ibmcea.blogspot.com/):

The app developer can write custom code to extract context out of HTTPSession and pass that into the 3rd party app when launching it, but that snapshot is all the info the 3rd party app gets. WCSA doesn't require you to write such code; it interacts with HTTPSession itself and gets info based on the ongoing actions of the users (the CSR, the customer(s), etc.). It's a much more integrated solution.
For a 3rd party app to work similarly, it would most likely have to be written in Java and deployed to the same app server/JVM and take the HTTPSession as a parameter. Even then, I doubt that how HTTPSession works is standardized enough that a package could work equally well with different vendors' implementations of JEE, whereas WCSA is written specifically for WAS. So in general I think you're going to be better off with WCSA.
I can't speak for other bloggers nor the rest of dW, but I make a point of monitoring the comments on my blog.

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