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Sun's in trouble?! When I read Jonathan Schwartz's blog, it sounds like everyone else is in trouble (except Sun partners or companies who have recently given them 1.6 billion dollars).On the other hand, what's he gonna say? "Fools! Run! Run for your lives! Get out while you still can!" That wouldn't be very good for company morale.I wouldn't count out CA though - John Swainson left IBM to take over the CEO job there and uh... well, how to say it... it would be cooler if he were still here.

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Bill asks (rather facetiously): "Sun's in trouble?!" Yeah. For example, the Business Week article yesterday "Kicking the Stock-Options Habit" mentions: "At Sun Microsystems (SUNW), which has posted losses of $4.4 billion over the last three years, ..." $4.4 billion in losses? Sun is cash rich ($7.5 billion), but after awhile, those losses add up to real money! Does Jonathan Schwartz address that in his blog?As for Computer Associates, the ZDNet article from a week ago "Swainson steps into CEO role at CA" mentions: "... following the ouster of [CEO] Sanjay Kumar stemming from a $2.2 billion accounting scandal." Then again, yesterday's "Seeking focus, CA will mothball some products" says: CA "intends to de-emphasize hundreds of its products and pick up the pace of acquisitions." So maybe CA is a buyer.

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