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Thanks, Bobby, that's a good reflection on SNA. I'm not sure that I find it all light-and-goodness, though. http://www.leadershipbynumbers.com/MS.nsf/d6plinks/BMAA-6M7KTJSNA on SOA would be very useful.

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Actually the IBM Consulting Group started using SNA as soon as they were formed -- early/mid 1990s. Gerry Falkowski[recently retired] was there at the beginning and as done many projects inside and outside of IBM. Here are a couple of articles about SNA projects Gerry was involved in....

SAP Project: http://www.orgnet.com/offthecharts.html
Communities of Practice:http://www.orgnet.com/emergent.html
Gerry was also the originator of the term "ONA - organizational network analysis". He found that in the mid 1990s, his client base was uncomfortable with the term "social" so he changed "social" to "organizational" and found a more receptive audience. It is also a more accurate term since the network analysis looks at organizational processes and information flows and knowledge excahnges and not so much at friendships and gossip.
IBM has an internal SNA/ONA community of practice of near 200 people now... conatct Michael Martin in Detriot.

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