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I have Websphere development studio client advanced edition 6.0.1 installed on top of RSA 6.0.1 (lucky me). I spent a morning trying to export the settings of my WAS 5.1 Test Environment, and would like to share my experience, which in the end was successful. In the instructions for "exporting a server configuration", it says "In the Navigator view, select the configuration file that you want to export, for example, the TestServer.config-data folder directory." But I cannot seem to find the appropriate project and/or directory, even though I had created a "Server Project". Apparently, that is because before exporting a server configuration, you need to import it. How to export a server configuration that you have created locally, remained a mystery, until I found an undocumented feature. That is: your "WebSphere 5.1 Test Environment" server configuration is on your hard drive in the .metadata directory, hidden beneath [your workspace]\.metadata\.plugins\com.ibm.wtp.server.core\configs . It bears a directory name reminiscent of the date + time it was created. Mine was called "28_02_06_12_34_PM2-data". Groovy!I suspect that if you do not use the 5.1 test environment, but a real WebSphere 5.1 configuration , then it may be under ...\IBM\Rational\SDP\6.0\runtimes\base_v51\config . In any case, 1. create a "Server Project". 2. select "File - Import - Server Configuration". Give the server configuration a nice name, like "Websphere Test Environment 5.1 Configuration". Under Folder, indicate your previously created Server Project. Select "Websphere 5.1 Server Configuration" as the configuration type. As location, enter the path to the [your workspace]\.metadata\.plugins\[timestamp] directory. Hit Finish. 3. Now you can follow the instructions laid out under "exporting a server configuration" to the letter. And share it with your colleagues using ClearCase or another SCM tool.

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I'm trying to figure out how to share server configurations for a WAS 6 server. We use ClearCase to manage all of our source code, and in the past we've just stored our server projects in ClearCase. With the new way that server configurations are managed with WAS6, this doesn't seem to be an option any longer. Has anyone found a good way to do this?

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Thanks for the info on sharing server configurations for WAS. Is the info is still valid for WAS 7?

The biggest challenge we face - and I am hearing the same thing from colleagues in other companies - is that RAD is so enormous that installing it is a real challenge. We find that developers lose 1-3 days installing and configuring RAD. this is a real problem, especially when their pc fails mid-project and they need to reimage or replace their computer. Just copying the installer from a server to a pc takes many hours. Losing several days of productivity is expensive!
How do you recommend that companies set up their infrastructure so that RAD can be rapidly deployed to a new machine? Downtime should be limited to an hour or two, but if that is simply impossible, overnight is an acceptable (barely acceptable) option.

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