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The IBM Rational Product Updater does not work for developers who work for companies that allow access to the outside internet world through a proxy server. In WSAD you could set the proxy server information in the window -> preferences menu under the install/update section. With IBM Rational Product Updater this is gone.The troubling part is when you launch IBM Rational Product Updater with out the proxy information it goes off into never never land.To set the proxy information for IBM Rational Product Updater add the following jvm arguments to the execution of the exe.rpu.exe -vmargs -Dhttp.proxyEnabled=true -Dhttp.proxyHost=yourpoxy.com -Dhttp.proxyPort=80

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Dave_Wunderlich: Thanks for the warning and the workaround. Looks like this has been fixed in v6.0.0.4; see Accessing the update site via a proxy server using the Rational Product Updater (Reference #: 1202451) Ironically, you need to be able to use your proxy server to get the updates that let you use your proxy server; your info and info in the Technote explain how to do that.

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Now in the new release it 5.0.1 of RPU it is possible to set the proxy. So far so good ! But a very important thing is missing ! When you also have an internal site for update of the inhouse developed features it is impossible to reach them !!!If you state the proxy: The internal site is not found. If you dont att any proxy: The RPU tries to go to IBM (Can be avoided!!!!) And since it can not find the IBM site it Aborts befor checking for the internal site !!!CATCH 22 !!!!!!This worked in WSAD 5.1 !!!!! In the updater of WSAD 5.1 it was possible to define multiple update sites and to select exactly which one you wanted to get updates from! So this is actually a VERY important feature that you (IBM) forgot in RSA!!! Therefore we can not update our internal Volvo plugins without giving detailed instructions to our users now that we have moved to RSA!!! Possible solutions: 1 : Look at WSAD 5.1 and reinforce those capabilities 2 : Look at Internet Explorer when you define a proxy AND you have the possibility to exclude sites from the proxy handled ones !!! If this would have been possible in RPU maybe the updater then would find IBM throug the proxy and my internal would be found also!!

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SORRY : Should have been CAN NOT BE AVOIDED in the above entry !!!!

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I thought I once saw an article that described how non-IBM Eclipse plugins can add themselves to the list of products that the Rational Product Updater can update. I have not been able to find the article again, perhaps it doesn't exist?Anyway, if it is possible to do this, can someone point me to a URL that explains how to do it?Thanks

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peters and markphip: Thanks for your comments. To install Eclipse plug-ins (that are not part of RAD), use the Eclipse Updater (not the Rational Product Updater).

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Bobby,This blog for product updater is definately needed. I was curious about the following scenario. We've reported some issues to IBM and IBM has turned around the issues quickly as hotfixes. A hotfix is released as a .jar with installation instructions on where it is to be placed. Are there any notes on how to deploy these as hotfixes via an update site? I'm assuming we need to create a new version of the feature. Are you aware of any docs? Once we confirm the hotfix, we'd love to roll them out to our users via the product updater.

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We downloaded the file to update RAD 6.0 (windows XP installation) to 6.0.1. Works fine and a lot faster than updating it from the website.

Recently, we installed RAD 6.0 on Linux (Suse 10) and use the same download file to update it to 6.0.1. The environment is really unstable. Is it because the update file for windows and linux are different?

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I only run RPU as needed, which amounts to a few times a year. I normally succeed in updating RSA and WMB which RPU is controlling on my machine. Lately it complains that my current configuration cannot support the RPU run. In the past, I have rolled back fixes in order to get the next release, but not even that works. Is this config problem related to the proxy configuration that is discussed in this blog? Or am I looking at an uninstall/reinstall?

This blog on RPU is the only info I can find. Perhaps you can recommend other communities on WMB and/or RPU.

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Peter: A good place to ask a question like this is the Rational Forums on developerWorks (http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/forums/dw_rforums.jspa). For example, see the Rational Development Tools forum (http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/forums/forum.jspa?forumID=430). Good luck. -- Bobby

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