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Very interesting link, Bill (Stephen O'Grady's IBM / Gluecode M&A Q&A). Another good one is some thoughts by Rob High on how the Geronimo and WAS codebases may evolve and co-mingle. (Rob is IBM's chief architect of WebSphere.)

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Bobby, re: Gluecode vs. WAS Express, Stephen O'Grady covered this topic in a very thoughtful Q&A on the Gluecode acquisition.Quote from the Q&A:

But the fact remains that tagging Express with an SMB label is a bit misleading; Express is really about medium sized businesses, not small. The metrics vary, but the typical Express shop is manned by between one and five thousand people - Mom and Pop shops need not apply. That's where Gluecode is interesting. Not that your five person laundromat on the corner is going to build themselves a J2EE application on an Apache based infrastructure, but a.) resellers could, b.) slightly larger shops with some latent technical expertise could too. So while this isn't an SMB play in the way that, say, Microsoft Office is - it's far closer to that market than WebSphere was.
Check out the rest of the Q&A; very good analysis.

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