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Bobby, do you know that your wiki is not avaialble outside of IBM?

2 localhost commented Trackback

Eugene, my wiki is public on developerWorks, so you certainly should be able to see it outside of IBM. It's listed on Google, for example. I'm sorry you're unable to access it.

Please see the comments on my original blog posting about the wiki (http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/blogs/page/woolf?entry=new_wiki_websphere_soa_and#comments). A couple of people (such as Patrick Mueller) have told me that they could view the wiki when they weren't logged into their dW account but couldn't when they were logged in. Is this the problem you're having? The problem for them was that their accounts had an incorrect setting; the dW admins fixed this and all was fine. So maybe your account needs that fix as well.
As I explained in the comment, please use the dW Feedback option to report the problem to dW; let them know how to contact you in case they have further questions. Thanks!
-- Bobby

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